How to work properly on creditworthiness?

Operating on the credit market is often quite a challenge, especially for new borrowers. Before signing the loan agreement, the borrower undergoes a qualitative and financial analysis, which consists of several factors. Working properly on creditworthiness can be said to be a very interesting investment, even an alternative to long-term saving, because access to quick […]

Credit Loss – debt restructuring

However, the bank does not waive the statutory prepayment penalty for early loan repayment. The Loval Bank Depending on the contract, the remuneration may apply either to any special repayment or only to a full repayment. In the case of installment loans, many banks have begun to no longer burden special repayments and loan repayments […]

Has the mortgage market improved in recent years?

Getting a mortgage is a relatively difficult task. Without good credit standing, you don’t really have the chance to sign a long-term commitment. However, has the mortgage market improved for the average retail banking client in recent years, and if so for what reasons? In the article you will learn about several factors that significantly […]

Auto loan and over-indebtedness

Auto credit is being used more and more. Offers are multiplying and rates are really attractive. But taking credit means taking responsibility. If the monthly payments can no longer be reimbursed, a person can quickly find himself in difficulty and indebted. What is a car loan?

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