OPOP: What is it? And how does it affect my loan?

When you get a loan from Kendey Vernastes, you will see an overview of the APR on the loan you wish to take. When you borrow in an institution like ours, it’s meant to be a short-term loan. So a loan you pay back within a few months. It is mandatory for us that we […]

Cash loan with deferred payment

Banks are competing in promotional offers for their and future clients. One of the promotional offers of banks that they offer to clients is the possibility of postponing one or even several installments of a cash loan. It looks more or less like, for example, we take out a cash loan for Christmas expenses, and […]

What is the borrower’s assessment?

The borrower is always carefully assessed before taking a cash loan. Why is this so important before signing a contract with the lender? Creditworthiness analysis is necessary for statutory reasons and also by limiting the risk of retail banks and loan companies. However, what is the assessment and how to prepare for it optimally? You […]

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