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The annual Winterfest event is a great time to get some free stuff in Fortnite – and it’s also a fantastic time to get your hands on some more XP. There are a series of in-game challenges that you must complete throughout the Winterfest event and they are all fairly easy to complete. Completing them all will earn you awesome rewards and a fair amount of XP.

Below, we’ve got everything you need to know about each Winterfest event challenge that will be available during that event.

Before we continue, however, it’s important to note that there is only one Winterfest Event Challenge available each day – so you can’t go through them all at once. Here’s what time a new quest should unlock every day …

  • 06:00 PST
  • 9:00 am EST
  • 2:00 p.m. GMT

Now on to the Winterfest event challenges themselves …

All the challenges of the Fortnite Winterfest event

There will be 15 Winterfest Event Challenges available throughout the 15 days that the Fortnite Winterfest Event is available. You can earn the Snowmando Board Glider by completing 7 and the Frosty Llama Back Bling by completing all 15! Here’s what you’ll be watching …

The following quests will reward completion with 18,000 XP each for a total of 270,000 XP when all completed!

Warm up at the Cozy Lodge log 0/1

You can enter the Cozy Lodge from the lobby by selecting the snowflake at the top of the screen. Once in the Lodge, you must click on Sgt. Then winters again on the lit fire. This will complete the quest.

Deal damage to opponents with the 0/50 Snowball Launcher

With the introduction of Winterfest, we will be getting some brand new weapons in the game. One of them will be the Snowball Launcher. Find one and deal 50 damage to it to complete this challenge!

Collect toy biplanes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleepy Sound 0/3

The map is marked with the locations of the biplanes, so head over to one of the POI names and check the minimap for a little “! ” White. Approach and interact with the biplanes to retrieve them.

There are 3 planes at each location

Travel with icy feet 0/200

As with other challenges on this list, the easiest way to get icy feet is to use a cooled grenade as they spawn quite frequently. Use one on the floor you are standing on and you will have icy feet for a short time. Move until you reach the 200 meters traveled and the quest is over!

Flying with a chicken 0/200

We don’t know how this one will work at this time. You may need to build a launch pad and then use it while holding a chicken.

Dance for three seconds at Crackshot’s Cabin and Stg. Winter workshop 0/3

Fortunately, both of these locations are marked on the map to help you find them. Just get closer to the two locations and use a dance emote for 3 seconds on each. You don’t have to do both locations in a match.

LOCATIONS – Where you need to look …

Beat a snowman with a vehicle 0/1

Another simple task. You can find several vehicles on the map, the most common around gas stations. Take one and dash into one of the many snowmen around the map to complete this challenge.

You can also use the Sneaky Snowmando item to set up a snowman if you can’t find one.

Use a holiday gift! article 0/1

The “Holiday Gift!” Is a rare item that currently has the best chance of spawning around Sleepy Sound (from what we’ve seen). It’s a little gold gift and when used creates a giant cardboard box around you with amazing loot inside.

Look for a treasure chest under a Christmas tree 0/1

Many Fortnite trees have been given a slight makeover for Winterfest. Find one that has a chest underneath and open it to complete this quest!

Eat food in a single game 0/5

Food can be classified as meat collected from a dead animal or a fish which gives health. You can try to drop from a height to deplete your health or set yourself on fire. This is generally a safer way to lose health than a firefight.

Simply regain this health with food 5 times to complete this quest.

Hide for ten seconds as a sneaky snowman within 25m of an opponent 0/10

Snowmen around the map can be used as a hiding place. The tricky part of this is hiding near an opponent for 10 seconds. You can start a shootout and jump into a snowman to get someone near you, but it’s very risky.

You can also use a Sneaky Snowmando to set up a snowman hiding place there if you’re having trouble finding one on the map.

Light a campfire while having icy feet 0/1

This one could be a bit tricky, but first you’ll need to research an extinguished campfire and make sure you have a chilling grenade in your inventory. While standing by the fire, you can throw the grenade on the ground to give you icy feet, then attempt to interact with the fire to ignite it.

Travel 1000 meters on a 0/1000 Crackshot Quadcrasher

The Crackshot Quadcrasher is just one style of vehicle specific to the Winterfest 2021 event. These are again commonly found near gas stations. Once you find one, run it for 1000 meters and the quest will be over!

Destroy the holiday decorations 0/10

Holiday decorations have been placed all around the map as part of Winterfest 2021. Simply destroy them using weapons or your harvesting tool to complete this quest.

Give an opponent icy feet with a 0/1 Chill Grenade

As with the challenge above, you will first need to find a cooled grenade. Once you have one, you’ll need to approach an enemy and throw the grenade at them, hoping they land or get in their way.

It will be visible if it worked when you see the enemy start sliding with icy feet!


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