Fargo neighborhood in shock after car crash in woman’s backyard


FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – It’s a crucial part of Linda Hamann’s home, the serenity of her backyard and gardens.

It is as she describes it, her sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax. However, that was all cut short when a high-speed car spun around and crashed through his fence in his backyard.

“It was tires squealing, crossing. The sound, I immediately knew what it was. I broke down and heard the vehicle go through the fence.

The accident not only damaged Hamann’s fence, garden and yard, it also damaged his sense of place.

“It’s like you’ve been violated in some way. It’s like someone broke into your house and ruined it. It was my sanctuary, it’s my favorite place in the garden and someone violated that space. “

“It’s a beautiful little thing they have, and for someone to go through and damage it, that’s pretty messed up.”

Not only did the vandals destroy Hamann’s property, but it was later discovered that the vehicle had been stolen.

“It’s a deadly weapon when someone takes it from you. People should think about it and lock their car.

Hamann and Foell want thieves to think about what they are doing to others and to themselves.

“They are lucky to be alive. They’re lucky they didn’t kill anyone. They have to own it. »

“Think about what you are doing. They could have committed suicide. They almost committed suicide.

No arrests have been made at the time of publication. To prevent your vehicle from being stolen and used in similar dangerous ways, Fargo Police recommends always taking your car keys, closing your windows, locking the doors, and parking in well-lit areas.


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