John Boie wins gold at the Paralympic Games


Former Warhawk and former gold medalist John Boie had the incredible opportunity to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Summer Games. He competed in wheelchair basketball competitions with his peers and had an unforgettable experience. . He left the Paralympic Games with a big gold medal and an even bigger smile knowing he had given everything and received the best reward for all his hard work.

Boie started playing wheelchair basketball at the age of 11. He played with his able-bodied peers, which made him love the sport. He knew wheelchair basketball was the sport for him after attending the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater basketball camp. Very soon after camp he fell in love with the sport and knew it was something he wanted to pursue.

“I mean growing up I always played sports against my able-bodied peers and in my first game of wheelchair basketball I was able to play with people with similar disabilities. . You know how to play against people at the same level that you know pushing through the grass and the mud and all that, ”said Boie.

Boie chose to continue his basketball career here at UWW because according to sports fans and himself, UWW is the Duke or Kentucky for wheelchair basketball. He knew that if he wanted to take his career even further, UWW was the right place to do it. He was fortunate enough to play wheelchair basketball here at UWW with some of his lifelong friends and was able to play for an amazing national team.

“It’s sort of a top school if you want to play professionally or nationally… it’s kind of the place to go… besides just being in my backyard it was an easy choice. to kind of go to the best national team, ”said Boie.

Taking part in the Paralympic Games has been one of the greatest moments in Boie’s life. It was his first time competing at the Paralympic Games and he managed to win a gold medal. He might have nothing to compare him to, but he knew in his heart that he was competing in incredible ways. One of the best aspects of competing at the Paralympic Games for Boie was the fact that he was able to wear the letters of the United States on his chest and represent UWW, his hometown and his country and that he was able to play with some of the best wheelchair basketball players. in the world.

“I mean, I really enjoyed it – you know in Tokyo there weren’t a lot of fans because you know the covid stuff again – but it was really heartwarming to get out of the game and go. on my phone and to have what looked like eight million notifications from all the fans back home watching online or watching like on NBC or at home or their local bar or whatever to see all these messages from people who us. were supporting from home, ”said Boie.

Boie will continue to remember his gold medal match at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and will continue to play wheelchair basketball with his peers.


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