NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory: All Season 4 MyTEAM Rewards


Season 4, NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory, is just hours away and we’re excited for the amazing rewards on the way to MyTEAM.

These rewards will take your NBA 2K22 MyTEAM from good to great to almost unbeatable. We’re here to reveal all the rewards (so far) for MyTEAM Season 4.

Let’s start with all the NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory rewards you can expect.

NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory Release Date

Your NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory begins on January 14, 2022, and players are excited for what the game mode will bring.

Even the rewards we’ll detail below won’t be all of the rewards for all of the six-week Season 4. This means you’ll have even more chances of earning MyTEAM rewards.

BRING THE HEAT: Get ready for most of the rewards we’ve seen in MyTEAM

We expect NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory to end on February 25, 2022, giving you plenty of time to earn rewards. Remember that the level 40 reward for Season 4 is GO Yao Ming.

Now let’s go over all the rewards available in MyTEAM Season 4 that we know of so far.

Hunt 4 Glory Rewards for MyTEAM

We all love the rewards that have come to MyTEAM so far, but NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory brings even more than the past three seasons.

Galaxy Opal rewards are coming in droves, and we’ll also be getting our first Dark Matter 99 OVR card from NBA 2K22. Needless to say, we love the rewards so far.

THE GLOVE: Our first Dark Matter card is the 99 OVR Gary Payton

With the first Dark Matter card being Gary Payton, we can expect more to be revealed soon. As for other rewards, here are the NBA 2K22 Hunt 4 Glory rewards (so far):

Player cards

  • Dark Matter Gary Payton
  • Galaxy Opal Paul Pierce
  • Galaxy Opal Andre Iguodala
  • Galaxy Opal Yao Ming
  • Galaxy Opal Pascal Siakam
  • Galaxy Opal Reggie Lewis
  • Galaxy Opal Baron Davis
  • Galaxy Opal Danny Granger
  • Galaxy Opal Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
  • Galaxy Opal Terry Cummings
  • Pink Diamond Free Agent Stephon Marbury
  • Pink Diamond Cazzie Russell
  • Maurice Lucas Ascension Reward
  • Tony Parker Reward Project

Trainer Cards

  • Candace Parker, Diamond Players Coach
  • Diamond Player Coach Dwayne Wade

MISC Season 4 Hunt 4 Glory Rewards

  • Hall of Fame badge
  • Diamond Shoe Colors

Some of the player cards will go through Heat Check collection rewards, so keep that in mind. However, you will get free agent PD Stephon Marbury on Day 1 of Season 4.


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