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Season 1 is coming to an end in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team soon, and Season 2 is expected to take its place immediately.

With the new season will come new goals, rewards, and player choices to work towards, so make sure you know what you’re doing.

Release date

The official start date for Season 2 will likely be Friday 12 November, ending what has been a long first season in FUT 22 if you enjoyed Early Access in September.

The season change will come at a new time compared to last year, however, with Season 2 set to start 4am ET / 8am GMT.

EA Play members will also receive an XP boost at the start of the season, which will help you clear those early levels.


Each new season in FIFA Ultimate Team sees new goals to achieve and new rewards to unlock along the way.

There are 30 levels to go through, with each level offering a unique reward to help you improve your club.

Could this be the first season in FUT 22 that we will also see players from League Objective?

We haven’t seen any of them in Ultimate Team since FIFA 21 Season 5, so it’s about time EA brought them back.

Scenario players

One thing we guarantee is that we’ll see a new selection of Storyline Player Picks at LVL 30, but will we see another selection at LVL 15 as well?

All three Season 1 players were rated 84 OVR, so expect Season 2 offers to be rated 85-86 OVR.

See the details

We also got to see some of the major league players involved as the stars of Season 1 were from MLS, La Liga NOS and the Turkish Super Lig.

LVL 15 picks could come to 81-82 OVR, so look for them for the first time in FIFA 22.

Promotional events

What’s next in FUT 22? Rulebreakers will end on wednesday 10 november if EA continues the trend of reducing promotional events to less than two weeks.

This leaves Friday 12 November open for a new event, so what might we see happen in season 2?

See the details

Black Friday is coming Friday November 26, so there is time for an event before then, maybe something brand new!

After that we got to see a European team group stage event followed by FUTmas, although that could be wishful thinking.


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