What does the EARLY ACCESS pack contain?


FIFA 22 is out now via the 10-hour EA Play trial, and early access is coming Monday September 27, when we can all breathe a sigh of relief that we are no longer on a countdown.

One of the perks of starting the game early is having exclusive rewards.

We take a look at what’s currently available to users and how to complete the goals.

What’s in the paaaack?

If you got early access you’ll find a group objective called (shocking) Early Access, who will offer you this reward:

1 x Early Access Pack (not tradable)

Willingness to work on goals varies, as it’s unclear exactly what you gain from this pack.

Speculation was that it would be similar to last year and include a chosen and loaned player.

According to DualShockers:

“The Early Access Pack is not tradable and, based on last year’s experience, may feature a player pick with an overall rating of 80-84 as well as a loan player for ten games.

It remains to be seen what he comes up with this year, but it shouldn’t be too different from previous years. “

This also appears to be the consensus on Reddit, and that the Loan Player could be a part of the Team of the Week.

FIFAUTeam seems to have confirmed that the rewards for achieving the goals are:

  • 1 x 80-84 player choice
  • 1 x team player of the week (loan of 10 games)

Early Access Goals

To complete the Group Challenge and get the pack reward, you will need to complete the following five objectives:

New friendly start

  • Play 3 matches in the Live FUT Friendly: Fresh Start


1 x 75+ ranked rare player

New recruits

  • Play 4 matches in Rivals using a starting squad containing at least 3 players brought to the transfer market


1 x Small Gold Players Pack

Fine finish

  • Score a Finesse goal in 2 separate Rivals matches


1 x two player pack

World class pass

  • Help out using the midfielders in 4 separate Squad Battles matches at min. Semi-Pro Difficulty


1 x small electrum players

Co-op comrades

  • Win 4 co-op matches in the ant FUT game mode


1 x gold package

Is it worth it?

A choice of 80-84 players is tempting, especially so early in Ultimate Team.

The loaner could be brilliant, or worse, depending on your luck.

Most of these goals are pretty straightforward, and you are likely to hit them during your regular playtime without thinking about it.

However, the Co-op comrades throws a key in the works, because it means you have to connect with another player.

If you can get organized with a partner, that shouldn’t be a problem, but it would be worth it to wait until you’re out of the 10 hour trial period.

You can also use public matchmaking to partner with a stranger and hope it works for you.


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