Zwift Winter Challenge Series Week # 2: Train with Helen Jenkins – Bike Training


Wednesday January 12, 2022 at 7:05 p.m. UK time will see the second week of our special Stages Cycling Winter Challenge Series on Zwift which runs through January.

These group workouts are open and suitable for ALL standards and are a great way to end some early season efforts, in the virtual company of others from around the world.


This four-week progressive workout series has been compiled by the extremely experienced coaches of Jinx sport (, and the outings will be personally led by the three-time Olympian and two-time ITU triathlon world champion, Helene jenkins.

Photo credit: Ryan Sosna-Bowd

If you need even more motivation to participate, thanks to the generous support of Cycling stages ( one lucky runner on the session – at random – will be selected to win a Stages Dash GPS bike computer.

Seriously there is no catch, you could really join our first week winner (congratulations Matthew Holmes) with an incredible prize worth over £ 250! All you have to do is join us on Zwift and participate in the race. The name of the winners will be announced during the session.

The details

Dated: Wednesday January 12, 2021
Time: 19:05 UK time
Zwift event link:

Cycling courses / JinxSport Winter Challenge Zwift

The session

This week, we build on the work of last Wednesday. Interval reps are slightly shorter (5 * 5 minutes), but the intensity increases, as each interval will consist of 3 minutes at 95% FTP, followed by 2 minutes at 100% FTP.

There will also be a “challenge” bonus segment, with which Helen will surprise you in real time during the ride!

Stages Cycling TRI247 Winter Series # 2 / Zwift

More advice from Jinx Sport

What is a challenge? It is an attempt to win or improve at something that you find difficult. As we are now in the winter training period where goals and race plans are set, it is always good to remember why we are playing the sport. Whether you are a professional triathlete or an amateur, we should all be doing it for fun. The amount of planning, dedication, and energy you put into it should always be balanced in a positive way. At Jinx Sport, we believe that success will only come when you enjoy what you do.

Rhys Jones / Helen Jenkins / Marc Jenkins
Jinx Sport Coaching Team

Having said that, how can you enjoy and continue to enjoy the sport? Motivation is always high in any athlete when you start training again. You only have to look at gyms in January to see how easy it is to find motivation, but keeping that motivation and making it a habit is the best way to reach goals and achieve what motivated us in the first place. .

This is where the “challenges” come in, they help to reinforce this motivation to keep our new good habits alive. Now you can qualify a race for challenge goals, for example to qualify for Kona or to reach the top 10 in your age group, but these goals are usually long term and the gap between them usually seems very big. and intimidating, so what should we do? We need to set short-term goals for ourselves to achieve along this journey towards our primary goal of continually strengthening that motivation and supporting good habits.

Helen Jenkins / Marc Jenkins

I find that labeling short term goals as challenges really helps as the word challenge as stated above means attempting to win / achieve so there can be no negative outcome of a challenge as there is no specific goal is defined as simply taking up this challenge and then giving us a positive result and improving our motivation and strengthening our good habits. We move on to the next challenge with full motivation and in a more fit and healthy place, which can only lead to better results.

It is also very important to reward each challenge with something that creates a balance between the things we work hard for. This award can range from a sports massage to a new technology. I personally launched a running challenge that I will reward myself with a new Stages Dash M50.

Jinx Sport has brought you the perfect challenge for the next Wednesday evenings on the TRI247 Zwift Group Workout. It includes challenge reps that Helen Jenkins will set each week in the ride. Helen will take suggestions on the challenge rep during training, so let’s help each other keep that motivation high and have some interesting cycling challenges. “Single leg reps are fun, just say it! “

the Stages Dash GPS Bike Computer

Each week, a lucky Zwift session participant will be randomly selected and win one of four Stages Dash GPS bike computer main units for £ 269.00 each, to add an extra benefit to the workout and on the run.

The Stages Cycling Dash GPS bike computer allows you to perform preloaded workouts or create your own personalized training tool to increase your riding and racing potential. With up to 16 customizable data fields on the crisp EverBrite color display and configured in either portrait or landscape mode, it allows riders to configure their riding cockpit exactly the way they want, straight from the Stages LINK companion app. .

This phenomenal training tool, with a battery life of 14 hours, allows riders to accurately record all riding data, even for the longest training sessions. Cyclists can create and follow clear, detailed navigation overlaid on color-coded cycling-specific maps, with points of interest such as cafes, pubs and other rest areas.

Bluetooth connectivity and compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems allow caller ID, text or social media updates to be displayed with on-screen pop-ups while driving.


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